Audience profiling & segmentation.

Maximising ROI for your direct marketing campaigns means ensuring your message reaches the right people at the right time. Dragonfly’s use of deep data profiling and targeted distribution allows you to reach the right homes with the ideal message for the people who live there.

As part of your campaign’s direct marketing strategy and planning, we use data-backed audience profiling and segmentation that is so vibrantly detailed you’ll feel like you’ve known them for years. By examining the granular detail, we can identify highly refined direct marketing audiences that allow for greater personalisation and a more meaningful message, resulting in higher response rates.

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Direct mail targeted distribution.

With our extensive access to named and household databases, we can help you profile your target audience to identify any new cold prospect pools. We can strategise and plan the best way for you to target the right people at the right time with the right communication format. Data driven mail formats include :

  • Leaflet drops, also known as door drops which are unaddressed flyers, leaflets or postcards
  • Partially addressed mail (PAM), which is targeted to the household rather than an individual. You may see mail arrive in your letter box addressed Dear Resident or Dear Householder, this is an example of a PAM mailer
  • Direct mail, fully personalised to the individual living in the property
  • Inserts, the marketing material inserted into magazines, newspapers and alongside a parcel.

Customer journey.

Email and digital work hand in glove with offline communications and when used together create a very powerful journey. Direct mail can work as a prompt to guide customers online, and emails sent after a direct mail campaign see on average a 20% uplift on open rates as the direct mail has played a vital role in reinforcing the brand as the mail packs stay in the home on average 17 days.

Just like any marketing channel, different audiences respond in different ways to the different types of direct marketing. As experts we guide you to identify the best line of communication to talk to your audience in order to generate the best results. And our team support your direct marketing campaigns to make sure they stay GDPR compliant, by consent or legitimate interest.

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Our key direct marketing data services include:

  • Profiling and customer segmentation
  • Database management
  • Customer journey planning
  • Data sourcing
  • Data cleansing and processing
  • GDPR compliance
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