Direct marketing strategy.

Our approach is to work with you to develop a direct marketing strategy that perfectly complements your broader marketing mix. Unlocking the power of direct marketing will amplify the performance of any campaign, and your strategy is the key. From selecting the design and print materials used, to building audience profiles so detailed you’ll feel like each one is an old friend, our direct marketing strategy seeks to maximise response rates by creating a truly personalised experience for each reader. 

Direct marketing planning.

From the kick-off meeting to landing in people’s homes, we can lead the way or work alongside with your team to develop a direct marketing plan that complements your wider marketing mix. However, even the best laid plans can fail without proper execution. At Dragonfly, we’ve spent years building relationships with the UK’s leading suppliers, printers and distributors to ensure your direct marketing plan is flawlessly delivered every time. 

Title and Content background

Data driven strategic planning.

From geo-targeting and demographics to eye-tracking technology, our understanding of data allows us to plan effective direct marketing strategies for your current campaign, and all future ones too. Live tracking of response methods facilitates continuous learning, allowing us to identify and adapt throughout the life of a campaign.

Direct mail eye tracking software

We offer unique ‘eye tracking’ software services that creates a report detailing where key messages and offers are most readily viewed by readers. This ensures the recipient is guided though a mail piece to the call to action, and converts. Through this resource we can evaluate the creative even before it goes to print, enabling clients to maximise responses.

Meet Kingfisher.

Dragonfly is proud to offer our own bespoke marketing automation software, KINGFISHER. This powerful data-driven platform allows you to target audiences with granular detail, create personalised direct marketing campaigns, and distribute them with ease.

Kingfisher gives you total control over your direct marketing, as well as the opportunity to cut the time, effort and cost of fulfilling your acquisition and retention strategies. In just a couple of clicks, you can consistently deliver on-brand, on-budget direct marketing while tracking the results and environmental impacts of all your campaigns.

Over 75% of businesses now utilise some form of marketing automation, but only Dragonfly clients have access to the effortlessly effective direct marketing automation of Kingfisher. Talk to our team to find out more.

Kingfisher gives you access to:

  • Online direct marketing software for end-to-end campaign creation
  • Personalised direct marketing campaigns to meet your business needs
  • Audience profiling and highly targeted distribution
  • The GDPR compliant Royal Mail partially addressed mail database
  • All your brand’s direct marketing templates in a single, secure location
  • UK nationwide campaign distribution.
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