The Basics: How Dragonfly direct mail works for charities

By Cara Lawson

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The charity sector has always used a marketing strategy with a strong emphasis on post.

As a donor it’s typical to receive some variation of welcome packs, thank you letters, gift mailings and regular newsletters from a charity. When charities are targeting new donors, they’ll often mail packs that include information booklets, donations forms and return envelopes. It’s expected that charities follow up donations with more information about the charity, and/or where that donation is going. As it stands, charities are one of the longest creators of user-journeys through post.

As experts in post and direct mail, Dragonfly often work with charities to make sure their targets are met. Direct mail needs to work with data and online channels, in a developed omni-channel marketing strategy in order to pack the biggest punch. We don’t forget about digital when creating our strategy. But at the heart of it, our in depth understanding of the postage system is what makes a difference. Here are some of the ways Dragonfly has helped charities make their mark:

Hitting targets with the most efficiency

We’ve been able to help charities hit their targets and go beyond. For example, a charity we worked with was spending their whole budget on mailing when they could have saved by mailing a bit more and getting a cheaper rate. They saved 40% of their budget and got to send 3,000 more letters to prospects. We also work closely with Royal Mail and effectively test using their eye-tracking software. This means we’ll know that we’re sending packs with eye-catching designs that encourage interaction.

Sourcing and maintaining data that works

The core of every marketing strategy is data. You could have the perfect design, perfect journey and omni-channel strategy timeline all in place, but if you’re targeting the wrong people, your campaign will fall flat. We’ll make sure you’re not sending mail to someone who has gone cold because they’re at a new address now by cleaning your data and keeping it up to date. This allows you to stay in touch with your loyal donors. Plus, we can look at your target demographic and identify look-a-like prospects to target. Depending on what your goals are, we can source data to suit, all safely and GDPR compliant.

Direct and Digital

Mail is a pillar for fundraising, it’s not something that ought to be lost in the digital age. However, at Dragonfly we recognise that your mailing strategy should complement your digital strategy. When possible, we can help you hit your targets in an omni-channel strategy that includes social media, TV, radio, Out of Home, Press and direct mail.

If you have a marketing goal that you’re struggling to meet, if you’re looking to go above and beyond or if you’re simply curious about what Dragonfly can do to help you meet your fundraising goals, please get in touch.

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Cara, our Head of Client Services, brings extensive knowledge and client relation attributes to the Dragonfly team. She thrives in the busy project management environment. Her strategic knowledge of print, creative, production and postage solutions are second to none and she is consistently offering innovative and creative solutions to add value for her clients. Cara appreciates the ‘no one size fits all’ approach and prides herself in her bespoke approach with her clients.