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OUR BIG NEWS! The Dragonfly Agency achieves B Corp certification

We’ve got an announcement that’s big with a capital B! Dragonfly has been officially verified as a B Corporation after being awarded ‘B Corp’ status by governing organisation B Lab™.

It’s been an exciting, challenging, but undeniably worthwhile process to join this highly dedicated global group of organisations. Across the UK there are less than 150 creative agencies that currently hold B Corp status, and only 43 companies in total across Scotland. It’s an incredible achievement from our passionate team, and it runs deep into our ethos as a business that truly believes in a sustainable future in print first marketing.

“Since the day we started The Dragonfly Agency, we have always created values and a culture that puts our people, communities, and planet first. Being recognised and becoming a certified B Corp, and with an incredible score of 97.3, is something we are all tremendously proud of.

It’s been a huge Dragonfly team effort to get here – everyone has been encouraged to become change-makers who think about how they can be part of a solution that balances people, profit and the environment.

And it doesn’t stop here for us! We are now invested in the long term future and this recognition fuels our passion to continually better ourselves to contribute to a sustainable economy for everyone.”

Isla Munro, Managing Director

What is B Corp?

The ‘B’ stands for ‘Benefit for all’ and B Corp status is a true measure of a company’s efforts to act responsibly and adopt a fair and future-minded approach to business operations. Like an antidote to false promises and green-washing, B Corp certification is a rigorous process.

B Lab™ assesses applicant companies based on 200 questions covering 5 key areas: governance, workers, customers, community and environment. A business must also amend their Articles of Association – embedding a legal commitment to consider the impact of all decisions on all stakeholders, not just shareholders. All areas of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency are included.

The B Corp community spans a whopping 89 countries, 159 industries, over 530,000 workers, and now over 6,282 B Corps. In the UK alone 1,496 businesses have achieved the B Corp certification, and we are over the moon to now be included as one of them.

“For me personally working for a B Corp certified company means I work for a company that acknowledges that we need to take care of each other and the world around us if we want to change the world to be a better place for future generations. In our own small way, we are making a difference”.

Moyra Lambert, Client Service & New Business Director

Why did we certify?

As a leader in the UK direct marketing industry, Dragonfly applied for B Corp certification to shine a light on all the areas of our business where we want to maintain the best practice possible across governance, workers, customers, community and the environment .

Working in a fast-paced industry with high volumes of work and seeking to push the boundaries of direct marketing performance, it’s important we always remain a company that proactively improves conditions for our staff, clients, community, and environment. It’s something we have been proud of since our agency launched in 2011.

Dragonfly’s certification

We first submitted our assessment in November 2021. To become certified, a business must achieve a verified score of 80 or more, with the average score for a company being just 50.9. Finally, in January 2023 Dragonfly received its verification, with a final score of 97.3 – a super start to our year!

You can dive into all the detail behind our score and assessment at: bcorporation.net/en-us/find-a-b-corp/company/the-dragonfly-agency-limited

What’s next?

For now, we’re celebrating and appreciating our B Corp milestone in an exhilarating journey. We’re very grateful to everyone at Dragonfly for the roles they have played in helping attain our B Corp status. It’s been a true team effort, and this is just the beginning not the finish line.

If you’d like to talk to us about our B Corp journey or how we can help you with your next direct marketing journey, please drop us a line here.

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Isla is an experienced Managing Director, marketeer and leader. Driven by creative data led solutions, she takes pride in providing the best direct marketing campaigns and strategies. As Dragonfly’s Managing Director, her goals include delivering growth not just for her clients, but her team too. Isla sits on the Royal Mail Strategic Mailing Partnership board and the DMA Scotland committee and has spoken at many industry events on topics including GDPR and direct marketing.

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