Dragonfly and jewellery, a case study

By Ellie Revell

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Admittedly, the Dragonflies are big fans of luxury jewellery. You could say it’s one of our weaknesses, but we see it as one of our strengths. We’ve worked with jewellery companies to create beautiful printed products to match their beautiful brands. Here are two case studies that show the many ways Dragonfly can help showcase the best in jewellery:


Dragonfly created virtually every print item you can imagine for Laings the Jeweller. We helped design and print everything from business cards and brochures, to wrapping paper and stickers. We helped Laings create a consistent branded stock for all their printed marketing collateral. Dragonfly designed, printed and delivered these products to either Laings for their use, or to their customer for promotional projects. We worked on a few special promotional projects with them too, including:

Their name rebrand: At the time they were known in the South of England as ‘Parkhouse’, but they were rebranding their name to ‘Laings’. Dragonfly created a direct mail piece that communicated the name change, but assured customers that nothing else was changing. The company was staying under the same management, just with a new name. We picked the most stunning stocks we could find, added intricate die cutting and foiling, and included a handwritten letter from the owner. We wanted the mailing to match the level of luxury that the customers were used to from the jeweller.

Their bespoke products:  Laings created a highly luxurious, highly valuable piece that deserved its own bespoke packaging to go with it when it was sold. This was a piece known as 175, a diamond necklace that was created to celebrate their 175th anniversary. 175 was the highest quality jewellery and completely one of a kind. Dragonfly was tasked creating a book to be given to the customer who purchased the necklace. As you can imagine, the book had to be of the highest quality to fit with the brand of such an expensive and luxurious piece of jewellery. It had to celebrate 175 years of jeweller excellence and showcase the best of Laings.

Hamilton & Inches

More recently, the Dragonfly team have been honoured to work with Hamilton & Inches. Hamilton & Inches are a heritage jeweller based in Edinburgh. They are a company dedicated to creating a consistent quality of luxury in everything they produce, and this is reflected in the printed pieces we create for them. We work on several projects with them, creating everything from business cards, to brochures, to Christmas cards and more. The pieces we work on with them are some of the most beautiful to pass through our offices. Recently, we were invited behind the scenes at Hamilton & Inches to tour their facilities and see how their luxury jewellery is crafted. We’re looking forward to working more closely with them in the future!

Smaller specialised projects: Dragonfly have also worked on smaller projects for Tru Diamonds and Daniel Henderson Jewellers. These were highly specialised projects. For example, Daniel Henderson has beautiful wallpaper by Timerous Beasties in their Rose Street shop, and they wanted their business cards to match this design. Daniel Henderson didn’t want to copy the Timerous Beastie creative, so they came to Dragonfly to commission a bespoke design that complemented the wallpaper but didn’t copy it. Dragonfly is always happy to work on special little projects like these, especially when we get to be creative.

Whether you’re looking for full and complete print marketing collateral, a direct mail campaign, or just new thank you cards, we would be happy to hear from you! Please get in touch to see what we can do.

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Ellie is an enthusiastic and driven member of the team and approaches all situations with a can-do attitude. Ellie has worked across a variety of industries and clients, providing efficient and successful solutions for clients, anchored by 4 years of experience, the JICMAIL Silver Award and DMA direct mail qualifications. Ellie particularly loves working with charity clients, knowing that the success of a campaign goes towards the amazing work they do.