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By Cara Lawson

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Dragonfly recently took part in a DMA pilot scheme for continuous development and our Head of Client Services, Cara Lawson, was invited to join other industry leaders to discuss the benefits and insights of the programme.

Diversity & development at Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a proud member of the Direct Marketing Association and avid supporter of the DMA’s mission to champion diversity and develop talent within our industry. We invest heavily in our people and prioritise their continuous growth. This not only benefits each Dragonflyer personally and professionally as individuals, but also ensures we as a team are always positioned to offer our clients the best solutions possible.

As Head of Client Services, my goal is to drive my team members’ development and ensure they feel valued, motivated, and confident in their roles. Recently, I was invited to sit on a panel alongside DMA Managing Director, Rachel Aldighieri, Jenny Broadley (RSPCA), and Howard Barber (Golden Charter Ltd). Together, they discuss how organisations can plug skills gaps, implement micro-learning, and benefit from establishing continuous learning cultures. The full recording can be found at: Why continuous learning cultures supercharge skills development.

Micro-Upskilling 88% positive among Dragonflyers

During the DMA panel, the results of the recent upskilling pilot scheme were revealed. Along with the other panel members, Dragonfly had committed to allocate 60 minutes a week to micro-upskilling, per team member. During the scheme, Dragonfly was given full access to an amazing content library, and team members were free to study whatever topics interested them most.

As the champion for the pilot scheme within our organisation, Cara shared her insights and our results with the other members of the panel. With full participation across the business, 88% of Dragonflyers reported a desire for micro-upskilling to become a regular part of their ongoing development, and that it had given them new skills to put into practise in their roles.

Continuously developing our continuous development programme

As a people first business we want to ensure we listen to and empower the amazing team we have at Dragonfly. After taking part in this pilot, their message was loud and clear. As such, we are now committed to ensuring this bitesize learning technique remains part of the continuous development programme here.

Redeveloping the DMA code

We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to work alongside the DMA as part of this study and join this industry leading panel. We also welcome the revision of the DMA code, to include a pledge from company members to dedicate an hour of every working week to upskilling and personal development. This is something we believe will benefit our individual people, our company, and our industry going forward.

#ICYMI you can find all the insights of this pilot scheme recorded on the DMA LinkedIn page, at: Why continuous learning cultures supercharge skills development.

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About the author

Cara, our Head of Client Services, brings extensive knowledge and client relation attributes to the Dragonfly team. She thrives in the busy project management environment. Her strategic knowledge of print, creative, production and postage solutions are second to none and she is consistently offering innovative and creative solutions to add value for her clients. Cara appreciates the ‘no one size fits all’ approach and prides herself in her bespoke approach with her clients.

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