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By Isla Munro

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Name: Lisa McLauchlan

Job title: Scotland Community Manager

Organisation: DMA

How did you get your current job / how long have you worked in your current role? I have been with the DMA (Data & Marketing Association)  almost 5 years and got the role through a supplier from my previous job. Proof that being friendly, professional and nice and the majority of people will support and help you.

What do you enjoy most in your role? I really enjoy meeting our DMA members for a coffee, listening and understanding their business and their challenges. When I can provide or signpost help for their business I know that I am doing my job well.

Helping deliver DMA Talent programmes in Scotland with the London team gives me an immense buzz, by guiding emerging talent into a fun career in our industry.

Everyday is a school day in my job! I strongly believe in continuous development and the DMA publishes so much industry content which means I am always learning & developing from industry peers. I also have access to the IDM Training (IDM is part of the DMA) and we have just launched our new learning platform which allows people to dip into bite sized modules, which is always winner for my brain. I am currently studying the Award in Behavioural Economics, which is fascinating.

What sort of mail do you receive at home? Sadly, mostly bills though we get local takeaway flyers, our local magazine CONNECT and my husband’s BUNKERED Subscription. I really need to start subscribing to something as I LOVE getting non-brown envelope mail.

What do you think direct marketing / mail / print will look like a year from now? I believe that mail and print is such an important channel and it’s been used successfully to deliver important messages to all UK households during the COVID19 outbreak from the UK and Scottish Governments. I can see its use increase dramatically. I think (hope) with JICMAIL’s work, the industry will increase its use. The DMA’s Print Council champions the use of print and has great resources to check out too.

Once lockdown eases the world as we know will still be a very different place, what do you think the biggest positive change will be once this is all over?  Staff will be given more flexibility in their approach to work and where they work. This might be at home and around the hours that suit them. It will give people a better life/work balance with less travelling (and pollution), more trust in employees and more autonomy. We have the tech!

What has been your favourite act of kindness you have seen during this crisis? My friend Laura Beverage jointly set up and launched The Kindness Wave,  which offers love and comfort in a box. Boxes are sent to children and young people who are finding this time really difficult. Each parcel is unique to each child and has variety of gifts tailored to the needs of each child or young person, providing them with the LOVE, HOPE, COMFORT & KINDNESS the need at this time.

You can continue The Kindness Wave by donating or nominating a child or young person!

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About the author

Isla is an experienced Managing Director, marketeer and leader. Driven by creative data led solutions, she takes pride in providing the best direct marketing campaigns and strategies. As Dragonfly’s Managing Director, her goals include delivering growth not just for her clients, but her team too. Isla sits on the Royal Mail Strategic Mailing Partnership board and the DMA Scotland committee and has spoken at many industry events on topics including GDPR and direct marketing.

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