Why teens want mail

Saturday 21 March is National Teenagers Day, a day to celebrate youngsters everywhere. Known as Generation Z, today’s teenagers are a generation of climate activists, brimming with young leaders striving for change. They’re also notoriously tech savvy, spending hours on apps like Instagram and TikTok. But that’s not the whole story. In honour of today’s teens, we thought we’d share one of the more surprising facts about teenagers today: they often prefer print to digital.  

Teenagers trust mail

Modern teenagers have grown up in a digital world. They’ve always had a mobile phone, with easy access to Google, email and social media. Yet, youngsters are wary of information on the internet because they were raised to mistrust it. The world of misinformation and ‘fake news’ has become the norm for teenagers. Mail sets itself apart from the chaotic digital world. It’s one of the best ways to build a trusting relationship with the younger generation. 32% of them are more likely to trust information in print than online. (Source: Royal Mail)

Print stands out

In a world of emails and apps, Generation Z miss the physical nature of printed mail. It’s something they can touch, which makes mail unusual and exciting. This is why teens are more likely to notice the quality of the paper, and why mail marketing feels more luxurious. It’s easy to send an automated email, but hard to put together a personalised mailer on premium stock.

Today’s teenagers notice the effort. If you’re trying to build brand awareness with young people, mail is a great solution. You can communicate the individuality of your brand not only with text and images, but also through the quality and feel of the mailing.

Mail gets attention, even with teenagers!

On average, a piece of addressed mail reaches more people aged 17 to 24 than people aged 65 and over, or, in fact, any other age group. Young people also keep mail in their house for over 11 days, higher than any other age group. The younger the recipient, the longer the mail stays on the coffee table or kitchen pinboard. (Source: JICMAIL)

Got the message? Mail isn’t just for the elderly. It’s a highly effective way to stand out from competitors among a teenage audience. If you need to tell young people about your new environmental stance, a new product or a rebrand, mail is the perfect way to communicate it. Get in touch to plan your next direct mail campaign.