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Media and print inserts are a bold and cost-effective choice for your direct marketing campaign. Not only do they allow your brand to reach a huge audience, but they can also be perfectly tailored and personalised to address the exact needs of your business or campaign.

The reality is, when placed inside a magazine, newspaper, publication or parcel that your target audience is already invested in, the credibility of your brand’s message receives a healthy boost. Media and print inserts are a great way to establish trust when acquiring new prospects. From there, you’re in a fantastic position to retain your customers well into the future. 

It doesn’t matter whether your reader is browsing The Times in London or The Times in Glasgow, the team at Dragonfly will drill down and identify the appropriate messaging and titles tailored to your specific target audience and where they are.

Personalised media and print inserts that engage your target audience

Here at Dragonfly, we have a strong passion from providing a practical service that our customers and clients find truly valuable and helps them meet and achieve their goals. Creating conversations and building relationships is what allows us to deliver a personalised service that makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

Dragonfly’s print marketing services include:

  • Demographically and geographically targeted 
  • Managed print & production delivery schedules and efficiencies 
  • Format solutions that suit your budget 
  • Creative, engaging copy that stimulates and drives sales opportunities
  • Crucial call to actions that boost target audience engagement

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