Discover the power of marketing automation with Dragonfly

Did you know that 3 in 4 businesses now use marketing automation? Marketing automation is all about helping marketing departments complete their repetitive tasks smoothly, efficiently and at low labour costs. Through personalised software technologies, marketing automation allows you to create a consistent and connected journey from online, to print, to customer.

Direct marketing is being driven by complex data and an ever-increasing need to execute millions of unique customer interactions on a daily basis. Dragonfly is proud to have its own bespoke marketing automation software, GEM, which ensures that your marketing journey is managed efficiently, safely and all in one place. Our platform is modular, so you can pick the parts that are relevant to your campaign. It will help you cut through this multichannel mayhem and deliver hyper-personalised interactions that matter to every single customer.

Let’s be honest, no one knows your business as well as you do. That’s why our marketing automation services make light work of implementing your acquisition and retention strategies through one easy solution. We can help you keep your budget and branding consistent across all your printed collateral from direct mail, to point of sale and procurement services in one simple click.

Our marketing automation services include:

• An online direct marketing solution from start to finish
• Secure access to all of your direct marketing templates in one place.
• Access to the GDPR compliant Royal Mail partially addressed mail database
• A smart, efficient, and simple solution
• An ability to personalise your marketing to your specific needs and requirements

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Modules within our marketing automation include:

Partially Addressed Mailing
Door Drop
Direct Mail Digital (Email, Purls, SMS)
Customer Retention
Customer Engagement
Programmatic Marketing
Marketing Automation
Event Management
Brand Control / Marketing Collateral
Reporting Dashboard
Stock Management

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