Direct Mail Production

Direct mail advertising to grow your business

Direct mail campaigns have a big job to do. Your direct mail advertising has a short window to make a big splash and have your brand’s voice heard clearly. Done correctly and your direct mail campaign  will motivate your target audience to follow your lead.

At Dragonfly, we’re all about people. We’re passionate about connecting with people and kickstarting meaningful conversations at every opportunity — a carefully crafted and strategically planned direct mail campaign is the perfect place to make the magic happen.

Unlock the power of direct mail advertising with our direct mail campaign services

As professional conversation starters, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your brand message is heard loud and clear in your next campaign. 

Did you know that a direct mail pack stays in the recipient’s home for on average 18 days? This is a HUGE advantage for any integrated campaign with emails. That’s because not only does your pack stay in the home over a prolonged period of time, but it’s interacted with and shared with multiple people. 

After all, your direct marketing is personalised and targeted for each of your customers, which is why we make sure your direct marketing continues to drive results, fulfil your campaigns purpose, and improve your ROI. So that you can see the incredible results, our ROI calculator gives great insight into how your direct marketing is performing.

Our skilled team are pros when it comes to creating purpose-driven direct marketing materials with eye-catching designs and engaging copy. At every stage of your direct marketing campaign, professional marketing materials will make sure that customer acquisition and retention are top priorities.

Dragonfly direct mail advertising services include:

  • Email campaigns
  • Strategic, time-sensitive campaigns
  • Point of Sale advertising and displays
  • Highly-personalised printing
  • Marketing collateral
  • Test-and-Learn & A/B testing materials
  • Deliver incredible ROI that works hard to improve your marketing campaigns

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We’re experts at supporting you throughout every stage of your direct marketing campaign. Explore our direct marketing services to view our full range of offerings.

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