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Unleash the power of direct marketing data to deliver targeted campaigns

Are you struggling to create effective marketing campaigns that pinpoint the right people?

The first rule of thumb in marketing 101 is to maintain a clear focus on who you are trying to target. If you’re investing in direct marketing campaigns, you need to make sure you’re putting this material in front of the right people.

Here at Dragonfly, we specialise in using data to deliver high-impact campaigns that guarantee laser-sharp accuracy. 

Our team can also support your direct marketing campaigns to make sure they stay GDPR compliant. This ensures:

  • Your campaign’s use of  data is valid by consent or legitimate interest 
  • The direct mail campaign has taken every step to ensure data ethics and privacy has been adhered to

With our extensive access to named and household databases, we can help you profile your target audience to identify any cold pools of prospects that are perfect for your direct mail, doordrop, partially addressed mail or email campaign to reach out to. 

Why is data-driven marketing so important?

One of the biggest question marks for marketing teams is knowing whether or not your campaigns are delivering the desired results. Is your marketing budget working hard enough? Are you driving an increase in sales? What could you be doing differently?

Luckily, we can answer all of these questions by unlocking the marketer’s secret weapon — data.

We like to think of data as the eyes and ears of your direct marketing operations. Instead of blindly distributing marketing materials and relying on personal hunches, data helps you identify highly-specific customer profiles and measures the impact of your campaigns with incredible precision.

Discover our data-driven marketing services fantastic results

So, how can we help you enhance your next direct marketing campaign using data?

While data management can feel overwhelming at times, our team of data whizzes do all the hard work for you by auditing, cleansing and profiling your data in one safe place. Once we’ve perfected your customer profiles, we can source and purchase data for high-impact acquisition campaigns.

And the best bit? All of our processes are fully GDPR compliant so you don’t have to worry about all the technical legal jargon. We’ve got you covered.

Our key direct marketing data services include:

  • Profiling and customer segmentation
  • Database management
  • Customer journey planning
  • Data sourcing
  • Data cleansing and  processing
  • GDPR compliance

Unlock the power of data-driven marketing today

If you want to harness direct marketing data to boost sales and drive your business forward, we’re the people for the job. Get in touch today to learn more.

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