Print Items of the Month – December

This month we decided to expand our Print Item of the Month to include a few of the best pieces of Christmas print items that came through our letterbox in December. The first up was easily designated as a winner from the second we saw it – a cardboard advent calendar beautifully sculpted in the shape of a sleigh.

This was sent to Stephanie from Deutsche Post as a Christmas thank you, so it works as an advertising piece, a thank you and a yummy advent calendar all in one! If that wasn’t enough, each day is a puzzle piece which can be rearranged on each side to make a new image inside of the sleigh.

Another clear winner in our office were the food catalogues put out by each and every supermarket. We particularly liked Lidl and Asda’s. Lidl stood out with their smaller size and festive gold foiling. Asda’s Food Guide design exuded Christmas from front to back and had mouth watering images throughout.

Speaking of food, we loved seeing all the festive menus put out on display this season. A few favourites were from some of Edinburgh’s best bars and restaurants.

In Bruntsfield, Black Ivy’s elegant booklet menu features lovely imagery of the venue and the cosy Christmas interior which oozes festive cheer, whilst Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd Group commissioned illustrator Lydia Bourhill to sketch a series of fabulous exterior prints of the venues. The Raeburn’s simple design had all the right elements and proved that you don’t need to go over the top to create good print marketing. Festive menus are something that you see so much of in December that you often think they need to really stand out, but you also need to make it easy for people to get all the information they need.

john lewis catalogue 2019

This year we also saw catalogues make a comeback in a big way. Amazon came out with their modern take on the old school toy catalogue. Their catalogue had no prices, instead you could scan QR codes to shop, with the catalogue content personalised to the household receiving it. This is the second year Amazon are running a catalogue, and though they’ve updated it with modern tech, they’re clearly continuing to use it because this nostalgic approach to shopping works. Physical print builds a better emotional connection, so even brands who don’t implement the tech of QR codes are making catalogues, everyone from the Tartan Blanket Co. to John Lewis, to Boots!