Print Item of the Month – September

September’s Print Item of the Month is by Biscuiteers. Celebrating their 12th birthday, Biscuiteers sent out this gift to their loyal customers. The design team is to be applauded for this one! They’ve put a gift box artwork on the front with a clear call to action. A tag saying ‘find your pressie inside’ tells you to open up their gift. Once you’ve quite literally opened the gift box, your eyes are immediately drawn to the “£10 gift” text in the centre. The essential details of the voucher (why you’re getting it and how to use it) are directly below. Then, Buiscuiteers have placed supporting information at the bottom and on the sides. This includes the various ways you can shop, and a variety of their best sellers and current faves to entice you to pick something you like.

Well done Biscuiteers! Not a newbie to our Print Item of the Month, Biscuiteers also won in May with their Mother’s Day mailing. Clearly their direct marketing team know what they’re doing!