Print Item of the Month – September

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s has been widely talked about online recently, with many charities, celebrities and other companies trying to spread awareness and get people talking about this horrific disease.

When we saw a Facebook advert from Alzheimer’s Research UK offering us more information around this cruel disease we could not resist signing up for all the details. The pack arrived promptly and is filled with lots of lots great materials which really made us stop and take notice.

What made the mailing so special?

Alzheimer’s Research UK  have opted for something different. It is often said that charity mail can follow the same format and therefore get lost amongst other mail, which is why it is vital to mix it up and stand out from the crowd. Alzheimer’s Research UK did exactly this by choosing to include a die cut orange in their pack alongside their letter, info pack and newsletter. This immediately sparked an interest in what the relevance of an orange was in relation to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The idea behind the orange is that a person’s brain who suffers with the disease weighs up to 140g less than an average person, about the weight of an orange. This message was incredibly hard hitting and brought home the impact and disadvantage of people suffering from alzheimer’s. What’s more, the link between the orange and the original Facebook advert is linked by the hashtag #sharetheorange. People are asked to share the misconceptions surrounding alzheimer’s via their social media accounts, and help build hope and understanding.

We love to see charities exploring the creative side of print, like die cutting. There is a misunderstanding that these added extras can cost a lot of money, however, it is something that can be done at very little cost and really adds something exciting to your mail pack. A die cut piece can even be used as a postcard mailing or door drop, not costing much more than your standard A6 postcard, but will really add value and stand out on someone’s doorstep!

This was a fantastic piece of mail to receive and the message of “Ok, let’s talk dementia” has clearly worked because here we are, talking about dementia.

If you would like to talk about using direct mail or door drop to communicate your message, especially with Christmas fast approaching, we would love to chat: