Print Item of the Month – October

October’s Print Item of the Month is from Charles Tyrwhitt. This piece plays off humour and customer relationship, while maintaining the Charles Tyrwhitt brand. It does all this while creating better brand awareness! On the cover is Nick Wheeler – clearly identified with the copy at the top for those who don’t recognise him. Nick Wheeler established the brand in 1986, and here is shown wearing a classic headset. On the inside, Charles Tyrwhitt share some of the funny questions that have come through their customer support over the years. Also included is a 20% off voucher, with a message that says ‘Keep them coming… Call it a thank you for the laughs’, signed by Nick Wheeler.

This clever piece stands out because of how it demonstrates the relationship between Charles Tyrwhitt and their customers. All the while, it tells the customers a little bit about the company and it’s long track record in a playful way. The personalised signature from Nick Wheeler, along with his image on the front makes the customer more aware of exactly who Charles Tyrwhitt is and where they come from. The print piece is also well designed and well made, which makes it well loved in this office!