Print Item of the Month – November

Our Print Item of the Month for November is shared between two different newspaper wraps which were carried by the Metro. We picked one wrap from People’s Postcode Lottery which we worked on, and one from Sainsbury’s which featured as a Print Item of the Week earlier this month.

For those who may not know, wraps are a cover page that goes atop the normal front page and back page of a newspaper, in this case, Metro. They’re an effective print advertising platform, especially when done right. In November both People’s Postcode Lottery and Sainsbury’s used their wraps to work to their advantage in very different ways.

People’s Postcode Lottery

PPL have chosen a traditional advertising wrap style. They’ve bolstered up the eye catch factor by having their recognisable bright red colours feature heavily on both the front and back of the wrap. Once your eye is caught, you’ll recognise the usual People’s Postcode lottery logo, along with some familiar faces. Clearly, they’re on their way to knock on some doors in the lucky postcode of the day! You may even notice that their license plate reads ‘#30KADAY’, we love the little touches!

Flip to the back and you’ll see this isn’t just any PPL advertisement. They’re announcing that in the month of December they will be awarded £30K to one lucky postcode each and every day. Note the van is driving away, then see in the copy stating that you have to sign up by midnight the next day in order to play in the December draws. In this ad, PPL have ensured that all the necessary elements are there. The message and call to action are both easy to find because of their attractive images and bright colours. Have you thought about how hard it is to make colours pop on a newspaper? Spoiler: we have.


Unlike PPL, Sainsbury’s have opted to make their ad look like a traditional newspaper front and back. To understand how clever this is, you need to know that the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad came out a few days before this wrap featured (watch it here). You also need to know that the ad was set in the past and featured a bit of clementine stealing and orange gifting. So, the front features fake articles that feed off of the ad, with headlines like: ‘Clemen-crime strikes West End!’

This copy and content directly relates to what happened in their Christmas advert. Metro readers who hadn’t seen the ad would be prompted to go online to watch it. On the other hand, Metro readers who had seen it might have a little laugh to themselves and read on. Attention to detail in this case is highly effective. Readers are encouraged to engage to find out more, or to search for more titbits that relate back to the ad. In any case, it builds brand awareness and props up their Christmas ad which faces stiff competition. This is one great example of how print marketing can compliment your digital marketing.

The back page of the wrap featured an ad for easy peeler oranges. Again, this relates to the Christmas ad. But, it does also function as an attractive retro ad regardless of whether you know or care about the Christmas ad! And we all know oranges are a very popular purchase around Christmastime.

These are two very different but equally effective ways to engage readers through print marketing. Well done to People’s Postcode Lottery and Sainsbury’s, our November Print Item of the Month winners!