Print Item of the Month – May

Our Print Item of the Month for May is the partnership between Hallmark and Royal Mail who have been spreading kindness and love through the post. We love this campaign as it not only encourages messages of kindness and gratitude but also gives people something tangible to read, especially when everything is online and digital at the moment.

Hallmark are giving away half a million greeting cards across the UK with a mission to help show gratitude and appreciation for the heroes in our lives. The packs include three cards: one that reads “You Are So Amazing”, one with an illustration of helping hands forming a heart shape which reads “What You Do Matters” and a Crayola card to colour in (great for kids) which reads “Not All Heroes Wear Capes”. Royal Mail’s message was: “Let someone know how much they matter by signing up to receive a free pack of three gratitude cards, while supplies last. Kindness and a desire to put a bit more appreciation into the world is all you need to participate. Because a word of thanks can make a world of difference.

We think that this partnership is such an amazing idea and the fact that Hallmark have given the packs away for free, just shows it is not a campaign for profit, but for spreading love and kindness around the world during a difficult time. We hope, after this crisis, that people keep sending letters and cards to their loved ones because it really can make someone’s day.

Use this link to sign up for your free pack of cards.