Print Item of the Month – March

March’s Print Item of the Month is a welcome pack from WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature). WWF are a charity dedicated to protecting wildlife and nature. Their ‘adopt an animal‘ programme allows donors to pick an animal close to their heart and make a donation to a fund which protects them. In this case, that animal was a tiger.

The welcome pack alone is a great gift for children, and now a hands-on home schooling tool, as each comes with a welcome letter, fact pack, the promise of regular updates and a cuddly toy. From a direct mail perspective, we loved that the welcome pack is quite literally packed with value, as it entices potential and one-off donors to make a regular monthly donation. The pack has also been created with such detail that every piece reflects WWF and all that they do, which builds their brand reputation as a valuable asset to save the planet. Safe to say, we were highly impressed by this pack and look forward to hearing the next update on our new pet tiger!