Print Item of the Month – June

Kindness By PostMental Health Collective

Our Print Item of the Month for June goes to Mental Health Collective for their Kindness By Post campaign. We believe it was one of the loveliest and most thoughtful ideas we have seen during lockdown. As we all grapple with the ‘new normal’ we find ourselves in, it is important to remember those that are on their own and likely feeling lonely and isolated. MHC came up with a fantastic project that enables strangers to exchange cards and letters with others across the UK with messages of goodwill.

The concept is like a nationwide secret santa for random acts of kindness. The idea to circulate letters and cards around the country is such a great and creative idea to keep us all connected. The response has been phenomenal, even drawing attention from BBC Radio 2 and The Metro. MHC’s goal is to reduce loneliness, increase wellbeing, give a sense of belonging and increase hope.

Their website says: “#KindnessbyPost is a national kindness exchange, where you sign up to post a card or letter with a message of encouragement to someone else in the UK, and have someone allocated to send some encouragement to you.” The 4 simple stages are sign up, get matched, send a letter and then receive one. Such a simple concept, yet so effective. The feedback from this campaign has been amazing and those involved have expressed the happiness and excitement it brought them.

Some of the letters we received at Dragonfly included sunflower seeds, baking recipes and even some moisturiser samples! Not only was it such an uplifting thing to receive in the post, there was a considerable feeling of excitement amongst us waiting for our letter to arrive, which confirms the unrivalled value of mail! During this pandemic, it has been hard to find positives amongst all of the negative news but with charities like Mental Health Collective creating such a heart-warming movement, it has given people the lift they may have needed.

You can join the Kindness By Post family where they will keep you updated on when the next exchange will be.

If you’d like to hear more about our experience or how you can send some meaningful mail, the please get in touch