Print Item of the Month – July

Our Print Item of the Month for July is slightly biased, but we chose a mail pack from the charity CHAS (Children’s Hospices Across Scotland) that we worked with them on. CHAS has always been a charity we have admired for their amazing work providing a full family support service for babies, children and young people with life-shortening conditions and it’s an honour to be working alongside them.

As many people in the UK have realised, getting business back up and running is a fast paced and ever-changing process. People are struggling through, uncertain of what the future holds, and that includes the charity sector. Charities have been hit hard during this pandemic and not being able to carry out face-to-face fundraising has had a huge impact on donations. It’s a great sense of achievement when we can help charities get back on their feet by using direct mail and door drop.

This pack from CHAS that we chose to be our winner this month ticked so many boxes for us. We are forever recommending ideas to improve clients’ mail pieces, whether that be through artwork, format, strategy or targeting so it’s music to our ears when a charity like CHAS have already adopted a lot of these suggestions that help the mailing reach its full potential.

A postcard included in the pack

The pack is centred around a little boy Jayden who very sadly, has an incredibly rare terminal disease called Tay Sachs which progressively destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Jayden’s image was consistent throughout the whole pack, including the BRE (Business Return Envelope) which is commonly the plainest part of a mail pack. By including his image on every item it created a constant reminder to the recipient what their money will go towards and how much it can help children and families like Jayden.

The Business Return Envelope

The cover letter/newsletter was a lovely A3 piece folded to A4 which had a very clear layout, the message was easy to understand and there was a strong call to action. CHAS had also incorporated their staple alphabet letters throughout the mailing to keep their branding in the recipient’s mind and consistent.

The pack also included two postcards, one was a retention piece which was a thank you card from Jayden and included some more photos of him and the second postcard was for the recipient to write to Jayden and send it back in the return envelope. We thought this was such a lovely idea because not only does it drive engagement, but it will hopefully encourage people to include a donation within their return envelope along with their message to Jayden.

The final element of the mailing that we really liked was on the return slip on the letter, which they chose to personalise with the recipient’s first name. We love personalisation, especially when it comes to appeals for donations because it makes the person feel valued and as if they are being spoken to on a personal level and therefore more likely to donate.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you with a similarly fabulous direct mail pack or door drop then please get in touch.