Print Item of the Month -January

Print Item the Month – January

Alzheimer’s Society

Following on from crowning our Print Item of the Year 2020, we’re kicking off 2021 with a celebration of our first favourite piece of printed direct mail this year!

Our Print Item of the Month for January goes to Alzheimer’s Society for a lovely ‘thank you’ pack we received. The pack itself was all on a delightful, yet cost efficient paper stock, with their branding carried throughout all the items in the pack. The mailing included a 10-page booklet called “Thanks To You” which showcases all of the amazing things the charity have achieved, thanks to their big hearted donors. There was also a separate letter which featured some of the special people that Alzheimer’s Society support, whether that be a family member, a friend or themselves, and how Coronavirus has impacted their lives. The message was emotive and hard hitting.

Whenever we speak to charity clients, or talk on webinars and presentations, the act of saying thank you to your donors is always one of the most vital strategies to retain those donors. It is important to be grateful for all donations, no matter how big or small as it makes the donor feel valued and appreciated and therefore more likely to donate again or become a regular giver. Amongst all of the charities we work with, we love when a ‘thank you’ mailing comes in because it can be such a simple gesture that will mean so much to the recipient.

Alzheimer’s Society have proven already that they have a great customer journey in place. The Dragonfly that donated before Christmas after receiving a door drop from them, received an initial thank you and now this fabulous pack. With Alzheimer’s in the family, it has encouraged them to donate again, purely because their donation has been recognised and appreciated.

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