Print Item of the Month – January

This month Dragonfly have chosen a less conventional print item of the month that crossed our path. On Blue Monday our Senior Account Manager Gary was commuting to the Edinburgh office through a chaotic Haymarket station, when his attention was caught by captivating bags being gifted to commuters by the Benholm Group. Benholm had the wonderful idea of combatting the negativity around Blue Monday. The paper bags were emblazoned with ‘Turn Blue Monday Green’ and inside was a delightful surprise: a plant and fact sheet about the benefits of greenery in an office.

Benholm Group specialise in ‘plantscaping’ for corporate offices, so this was topical to their area of expertise. It stood out as a relevant and experimental marketing piece and momentum was built off of the Blue Monday social media storm. Genius work by Benholm!

#Turnbluemondaygreen was such thoughtful idea and certainly worked in our office. We continue to water and keep our plant which brightens up the space. This is just one way you can turn print into an experience that evokes emotion and memorability. It’s clever, and Dragonfly absolutely loved it. Thank you to Benholm Group for the kind gesture!