Print Item of the Month – August


August’s PITM is an RSPB membership pack. The first feature that caught our attention was the oversized window on the outer. This created room for a ‘thank you’ image to appear through the window. The outer envelope is vibrant and most definitely stood out on the recipient’s doorstep, which is key to any successful piece of mail.

The cover letter was simple and engaging with big, bold headings. We often see blank reverses on cover letters which is disappointing as it is a huge area for opportunity and extra content. This letter utilised the space well with a lovely image and thank you message, making the recipient feel valued and appreciated.

The main piece in this pack was an A3 leaflet folded to A4 on a nice, thick uncoated stock. It included a pass for each member of the recipient’s family with beautiful, bright pictures making them engaging for all age groups. The leaflet is packed full of activities and fun facts, acting as a great retention piece to keep the brand alive in the home.