Print Item of the Month – August

Jo Malone – “Lost in Wonder” mail pack

Occasionally, one of those direct mail packs comes along that simply takes your breath away. Our print item of the month for September did just that, and so much more.

This truly irresistible mailing from the team at Jo Malone advertises their latest “Lost in Wonder” collection and encapsulates their brand image perfectly. The whole peace oozes sophistication and class. Stunning photography taken from their “Fig Love” story, along with a luxury uncoated letterhead, insert and show stopping textured outer envelope really does captivate and seduce you from the very beginning, as the pack takes you on a mesmerising story of their latest collection. The piece even includes a solid favourite of ours at Dragonfly, a 2D barcode. Allowing the reader to quickly transition from the mail pack, to the online store and continue their experience before the inevitable purchase. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t after receiving this?

Included inside the mailing were two samples of their latest seasonal scents, meaning all the recipients’ senses were engaged in the mail piece.

Our favourite quote from “Fig Love” is “Said to be the world’s oldest planted tree, the fig tree. The season for the tree’s bounty is, however, fleeting– a moment of perfection, condensed and concentrated. A succulent pearl in nature’s treasure trove that few can resist.” Like the fig, most readers won’t resist the temptation to purchase after receiving this treasure of a pack. 

We love nothing more than reviewing some of the finest direct mail in the market. If you would like to discuss how to engage your audience through mail please get int touch, we would love to help.