Print Item of the Month – April

Dragonfly’s Print Item of the Month for April had to be the door drop which we all received from Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, urging us to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The past month the world has changed in many unprecedented ways, with the news being dominated by talk of the virus online, on radio and on TV. But there’s a reason the government chose to update the 30 million households in the UK by going offline with mail.

Mail is trusted.

Mail is the only format that doesn’t leave anyone behind. By sending a direct mail piece to every household, the government has a far higher chance of keeping the entire nation informed of their message about coronavirus.

The postal service is a key part of the UK’s infrastructure and Royal Mail is committed to providing a lifeline to businesses and communities everywhere during the coronavirus crisis.

At a time where we’re all staying home, mail is the perfect way to reach people right now. For some it is the only communication they receive. And what’s more, a letter can help to give people a sense of reassurance and normalcy in the midst of deeply unsettling times.

Thank you Boris Johnson, Royal Mail and the NHS for looking after all of us during this extraordinary time.