Print Item of the Month – December

December Winner – Hamilton and Inches 

December is packed with festive offers and campaigns vying for consumer attention, all with an added touch of Christmas sparkle.

This month’s winner of the Print Item of the Month has created a print product that grabs that attention with a highly on-brand and festively on-point piece.

The winner of the December title goes to Hamilton and Inches for their Christmas card which perfectly reflects their brand and reputation while taking into consideration the season of good cheer.

What we loved…

• The gold GF Smith envelope really stands out on the customer’s doorstep, especially amongst all the white envelope mail which gets sent out. It instantly shows it’s something special and is worth opening to see what’s inside

• Both the card and insert were printed on high-end GF Smith stock (in brand colours) and the design on the inside ties in with the window display in their shop

• Both the stock and foiling reflect the luxury nature of the brand. It’s clear that there has been no expense spared on creating a beautiful Christmas card which customers will put on display rather than in the bin

• The card arrived in people’s homes in good time before Christmas so its function as a retention piece means it signposts customers both online and in store to buy Christmas presents

• The card also makes customers feel very valued and cared for, that they are worth spending the time and money involved in this quite personal communication, especially as fewer Christmas cards are sent these days

A tactile Christmas card resonates far better with a recipient than a festive e-mail, especially when the time is taken to write personalised messages. Emails are often deleted immediately but a card is more likely to stay in the home for an extended period where the consumer is continually exposed to its messaging and branding.