Print Item of the Month – November

We’ve had a real mix of Print Item of the Week winners. Everything from online retailers to accountants, all proving just how adaptable advertising post can be. However, the title of Print Item of the Month for November goes to… Aldi and Lidl.

It has been an insightful exercise comparing the mailings from two different budget supermarkets that have invested money in luxury collateral. It really shows the importance supermarkets place on print to drive sales at their busiest time of the year.

What we loved…

• The soft touch laminate cover creates an invitingly tactile experience for the recipient
• The foil on the front is simple but eye catching, enough to suggest quality but not over the top, thus elevating their position in the market, but not confusing the consumer
• The brochure was dropped to households that are very close to an Aldi shop, which shows they have invested in their target profiling

• Lidl has a very similar design to Aldi with soft touch laminate and a gorgeous foil on the front
• Lidl also included a ‘£5 off’ voucher which is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the piece, with a foiled silver background and the offer printed in white to make it stand out on the cover
• The £5 off coupon (which is valid when you spend £40) is prominently positioned on the first page which makes it eye catching, it also carries a clear call to action of the use by date
• It was also received very close to a Lidl store, so again good location profiling

Both brochures are choc-full of beautiful lifestyle photography featuring a vast range of festive products, creating an idea for the consumer of how their Christmas could look if they bought the items from the store. It would also be a nice magazine to flick through whilst you’re at home relaxing with a coffee. It’s interesting to note the similarity between both campaigns using aspirational creative, with the message being that customers aren’t compromising by shopping with them. They can easily have a luxurious Christmas without having to over-spend, and that’s why we have awarded them our worthy winner!