Our Random Acts of Kindness

Practising random acts of kindness is free and easy! We help our clients spread good news through direct mail day in and day out, whether that is through mailing their customers, helping them identify new customers, sharing our top tips or busting direct mail myths. So today, 17 February 2021 and in support of #RandomActsofKindnessDay we all put our thinking caps on for ways we could go above and beyond to spread some kindness.

Here’s an insider’s look to the thoughtfulness of the Dragonfly’s:

Cara: “When I was out, I nipped to my local bakery Mimi’s to get Graham (husband) a wee surprise treat for when he gets home… if I don’t eat it myself first! I have also just topped up the bird feeder in the garden and put some extra food in the little bird house. I can see the tree from my home office and I’ll watch out and see if any visit!”

Ellie: “I have taken a care package over to some friends who are shielding. I’ve included some chocolates, a magazine and some treats for their cats. I also had a very over-due clothes clear out and took a bin bag of clothes to the local clothes bank”

Kirsty: “My act of kindness is a little treat for my sister. She’s going through a bit of a tough time so I ordered her one of her favourite face masks so she can relax and pamper herself. She doesn’t know it’s coming so it’ll be a nice surprise.”

Sally: “I put in a call to a family member today to check in on them as I have not spoken to them for a while. I have also sent a positive message to a friend of mine who is having a bit of a tough time. It’s made me feel good to send some positivity back out to the world “

Gary: “A band I follow “The Snuts” have just released their debut single and the money that their record label gave them to produce it they gave to the Scottish Refugee Council. They then produced the entire video on their mobiles phone which you can watch here.  As part of the promotion of the video they asked you to donate to the @scotrefcouncil and they would send you love on a postcard. So I donated and got the attached which we are sending on to our family friend who has been struggling a bit through lockdown (she’s 96 years old and not been over the door since last March) and will appreciate being reminded that “somebody loves her”.

Isla: “My good friend’s parents have just returned to the UK after visiting them in Australia for what was meant to be a 6 week holiday to see their grandchildren, but because of COVID they ended up staying a year. I can only image the emotions of leaving the Australian family behind so I’ve sent them some of my favourite flowers from Bloom and Wild to add some sunshine into their home and to let them know I’m thinking of them.”

Chris: “I love the statement ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’ and I’m pleased to support the random act of kindness act by using my monthly 100 mile run/walk challenge for February in aid of Bone Cancer Research Trust. I hope the fundraising I help raise spreads positivity and support for this great cause not just today but across the year!

Clare: “I bought my cats a new blanket and they are fighting over it! I wish we could all be as chilled out as this!”

We hope these little acts help make someone’s day. If you would like to discuss how we can help spread the cheer to your clients please drop us a line, we are always here to chat!