Print Item of the Month – October

At The Dragonfly Agency we’re always on the look-out for inspiring and effective pieces of advertising mail. Each week we pick a print item that has grabbed our attention and is an excellent example of direct mail. Check out our Twitter to see the weekly winners. Then from the weekly winners, the Print Item of the Month is declared!

Our inaugural winner this October is… BODEN

Mailing 1: We love this retention piece that arrived through our door. It rewards the customer, encouraging them to spend by including a £10 voucher in the pack.

Mailing 2: The follow-up is flawless. After a purchase was made, another brochure with a further 15% off voucher was received through the mail.

What we loved…

Mailing 1 – £10 voucher

• The teaser copy on the outside of the envelope encourages open rates and creates suspense for the customer. It also suggests that there is something of value inside so it’s worth the customer’s time to open it. A great reminder that we should never overlook the importance of an envelope: it introduces who you are and reinforces the brand to a warm database

• Both the envelope and insert were printed in bright, eye catching colours – brighter colours don’t cost any more but can improve response rates

• Good quality paper stock was used for both items (the insert and the envelope). This reflects a luxury, quality brand

• The stamp like indicia drives brand awareness and allows customers to make a quick connection between the mail piece and the brand that is sending them something exciting to open

Mailing 2 – A5 brochure offering 15% off

• A purchase was made online using the £10 voucher code. Around three days after delivery of the order the follow up brochure was received, suggesting programmatic mail was used to trigger the send of the brochure

• Similar to the voucher, the creative of the brochure is also very colourful and seasonal

• The bold offer of 15% off, was replicated on both the front and back of the brochure which means it can be easily seen regardless of which way the mail piece lands on the doorstep

• The brochure was delivered naked i.e. no poly wrap or envelope was used. This means Boden have possibly paid higher postage rates, but perhaps did this because they didn’t want to compromise the brand with poly, which can sometimes cheapen the product

We often see similar campaigns from the likes of Boots, M&S and John Lewis who all send tailored vouchers for the products you buy most. This is an excellent way of building brand loyalty while showcasing the product range and further drawing the consumer in. The Boden campaign also highlights the impact of an effective strategy and the role of a customer journey. Planning something a customer is passionate about can never be underestimated.