Millennials and Direct Mail. The Great Untapped.

Millennials have grown up with technology. Armed with a smart phone for a large percentage of their life, the digital landscape has matured alongside them, so it might come as a surprise to find out 15- 34 year olds are in fact highly responsive to direct mail, compared to digital forms of advertising.

We all know the thrill of receiving an interesting piece of post; a letter from a friend; a postcard; or even better, a present!  Typically, Millennials get very few of these paper delights and even fewer things like bank statements which are mostly accessed online. They get hundreds of sales and spam emails but little post. This means when they do get a piece of high-quality mail directly addressed to them, it cuts through and they take notice.

Royal Mail commissioned a report analysing the evolving role of mail at different life stages including young people who still live at home.

• They notice how brands present themselves: Almost half (47.8%) agree that “The quality of printing and material in a piece of mail tells me something about the organisation that has sent it”.

• They are 32% more likely to say they “Trust information in print more than information on the internet”.

• Because so much of their communication is digital, mail engages. They look at the mail format, creative idea and core proposition closely because it is unfamiliar.

• Almost four in ten (38%) agree they are “More likely to look at mail printed on high quality materials”.

• They are 18% more likely than the sample average to “Welcome mail and find it memorable”.

The lesson to be learned is that direct mail is an excellent way to engage and build a relationship with the younger generation, however, the print product still has to deliver. To be effective, advertising mail still needs to be done well, with impactful creative, clear messaging and a strong call to action.