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The future of fundraising is not just digital. Busting some myths about direct marketing.

Again and again, we hear these myths about direct marketing:

#1 ROI from direct mail is not as good as from other channels

#2 My target audience don’t want to receive mail because they are digitally savvy

#3 Digital marketing is quicker

#4 Mail is not environmentally friendly

#5 Mail is expensive

#6 GDPR means you can’t mail any one anymore

Join us on Thursday 18 June at 11.30am for our free webinar

We’ll present evidence that once and for all debunks all of these myths, using JICMAIL data, Royal Mail insight, industry research and our own experience.

Hear from:

Isla Munro, Managing Director of The Dragonfly Agency and Royal Mail Strategc Mailing partnership board member

Cara Lawson, Head of Client Services at The Dragonfly Agency

Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning at JICMAIL

Stuart Payne, Group Commercial Director at Gecko

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