JICMAIL’s Seven Insights on Business Mail

All businesses need to communicate with their customers, and mail is one way to get important messages to them safely.

Business mail – sending bills, invoices, appointments and statements – is a pillar of direct mail and an essential communication tool for businesses across the world.

To help you understand the intricacies and benefits of business mail, JICMAIL have created the 7 Essential insights on Business Mail booklet and webinar. JICMAIL’s data on business mail is useful for pitching, planning and measuring.  

The insights booklet is packed full of meaningful data on how business mail performs. For example:

Insight #1: Business mail delivers an additional reach of 16%. The average business mail item is seen by 1.16 people per household, that’s an additional 160,000 people for every 1,000,000 items sent!

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Other insights examined how long business mail lives in the home, the kind of media effects it has and which days of the week have the most interaction with business mail.

We were lucky to sit in on JICMAIL’s business mail webinar – these are the three key takeaways we learned.

1. Business mail can contribute substantially to above the line media planning KPIs.

2. Business mail is interacted with frequently and has a healthy lifespan.

3. Business mail can play a huge part in driving campaign efficiency.

Visit JICMAIL’s website to download the booklet and read through their 7 Essential insights on Business Mail. Get in touch if you’d like to find out how Dragonfly use mail to grow businesses.