How catalogues still perform as part of a multi-channel mix

Printed catalogues have been a trusted method of marketing for years. In fact, the first mail order catalogue was published in Britain 350 years ago! They really have stood the test of time and even today, they still bring so many incredible attributes to the table.

Whether you are a mail order, retail or e-commerce brand, catalogues offer an incredible opportunity to not only showcase your product portfolio, but also provide your customers with something tangible to generate the kind of emotions that email marketing can only dream of.

The stats for catalogue engagement really do speak for themselves:

Unlike online experiences, a catalogue is an incredible method of getting your customer’s/prospect’s undivided attention. No pop-up ads, no spam. Just them and the catalogue…and maybe a cup of tea.

Some catalogues we especially love here at Dragonfly include The White Company which almost always includes a money off voucher, Joules who showcase gorgeous seasonal wardrobe ideas, Cox & Cox with their breath-taking eclectic furniture and homeware range, William Powell boasts an incredible range of high end men’s and women’s sporting goods, HSL always impresses with impeccable photography of their quality handmade furniture and Sarah Raven that is guaranteed to provide inspirational gardening tips and a stunning product range.

If you need support in either designing, printing or mailing your next catalogue, please feel free to contact us and our incredible team will be there to support you.

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