Halloween at the Dragonfly office

Left to right: Vicky, Sabrina, Stephanie, Klay, Rich, Clare, Gary, Isla, Sally and Ellie

Everyone at The Dragonfly Agency loves to get in the seasonal spirit. So, when it came our staff Halloween brunch, we went all out. We decorated our boardroom with banners and spiderwebs, laid out a lot of sweet treats and a few healthy breakfast bits in between and put on our fancy dress. Our newest staff member Gary, even carved a Dragonfly branded pumpkin for the office!

After eating chocolate for breakfast, we played a rather competitive game of spooky themed trivia. Each team had a special themed team name. We had Pumpkinfly, the Hallowqueens and Die Naaldekokers (our South African team!) After some fierce competition, Pumpkinfly were named the Halloween experts of the year.

If you want to get to know the Dragonfly team better, you can visit our who we are page. If that’s not enough for you, we also write monthly staff interviews. Happy Halloween!