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Recyclable and carbon-balanced direct mail

Gold SMP

Strategic Mailing Partnership Awards GOLD WINNER 2022


Increase in responses vs best previous UK pack design


People’s Postcode Lottery isn’t just a lottery. It’s a leading funder of charities and a champion for corporate social responsibility. To date PPL has given over £1 billion to charitable organisations, benefitting over 9,000 local, national and international projects.


Following the huge success of a gold foil poly-wrapped DM campaign in the Netherlands, PPL approached us to launch the concept in the UK. As part of our Dragonfly ethos, we not only look for ways to maximise DM performance for clients, but also minimise its impact on the environment. As the eye-catching gold poly-wrap was not a shining example of sustainable materials, we suggested sourcing a greener solution. But, could we do it without losing the golden sparkle that had been so important in catching people’s eye when it comes through their door?


Our first step was to replace the un eco-unfriendly poly-wrap with paper that was responsibly sourced through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We then fully carbon balanced the paper and its production through the World Land Trust.

Next was the ink. With detailed research and methodical trials, we refined the optimal print settings down to a double hit of solid metallic water-based ink. Excess ink from our print run was recycled back into the production of other colours to minimise waste and toxicity, making PPL’s shining gold envelope as green as it could possibly be.

The design and messaging of this campaign also called for a dual plastic windowed envelope. To increase the sustainability further, we switched this to a Matte Polystyrene Window Film that complies with B.S.I PAS 2020 for recyclability and is produced using over 75% renewable energy.

The new eco-friendly DM pack was then tested against the best performing UK control pack design to date. The results were clear, with the new pack design taking gold place!

“The team at People’s Postcode Lottery are an absolute joy to work with. They care massively about the world we live in and social responsibility is at the forefront of everything they do. Collectively we are always striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible in this modern world and we are very proud of the results that we have generated from the gold envelope”.

Gary Hunter
Senior Procurement & Production Manager

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