Why dirty data could spell soapy bubble for your marketing strategy

By Sally Maciver

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One of the services we specialise in is data cleansing. Despite the fact it can result in significant cost savings and a far greater return rate when it comes to direct mail, not many know what it is and how it can benefit their marketing strategy.

Data cleansing is when a database of information has any inaccurate records removed, edited or updated.

Let’s break down why this is so important using the example of a fictional vet’s practise we’ll call Hairy Canary.

Hairy Canary has been in operation for sixteen years. During that time, they have had hundreds of different types of clients. Recording everything from regular teeth checks for Goldie the Retriever and immunisations for Joey the Budgie, to a one-off emergency surgery for Pudding the Tabbie and thyroid prescriptions for Thumper the Rabbit.

Hairy Canary is moving premises and they want to send out a personalised mailing to their entire customer database with news, new contact details and a special offer, even if their last visit was years ago. The simple thing to do would be send a mailing to every person on their database but this is where time spent can be money saved.

Using dedicated cleansing software Hairy Canary’s database would be tidied up. Instances where someone has moved house, died or changed name, their records are flagged up on the system and where possible, they are amended or suppressed. The system can also rectify any incomplete details or duplications. This leaves a set of very accurate and up to date data and means Hairy Canary isn’t wasting money sending a mailing to an address that a former client moved away from years ago.

Once a mailing has landed, freshly cleaned data is also an excellent way to identify who has responded and how to create a strategy that will appeal, attracting them to do business with you.

Alongside good practise and cost saving, it looks sloppy to send out mailings with out of date contact details on them. Everything your company puts out into the public domain reflects your brand and offering, so it needs to be accurate and reflective of your workmanship.

If you’d like to find out more about data cleansing, let’s talk.

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About the author

Sally is a Senior Account Manager and has been with The Dragonfly Agency for 5 years now. Sally brings a fun loving attitude to all aspects of the job, and perfectly bridges the gap between the client and supplier ensuring a smooth running campaign. Sally has a great understanding of the marketing mix, and really enjoys working with clients to ensure every campaign is planned in the best way.