What’s your type this Valentine’s?

By Ellie Revell

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but what do you buy that loved one in your life?

Valentine's Day gifts can be a source of stress for a lot of lovers out there. Dragonfly specialise in all things print and know the difference between a cookie cutter average Valentine’s Day card, and a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Here are our five recommendations to woo your valentine this 14th February:

1. A modern and memorable card – There are plenty of ways that printers have modernised the traditional card. One of the best and most innovative is the card-that-you-plant. Instead of getting a throwaway card, buy one that will grow like your love. These ‘seed cards’ have a unique texture, because they are made of compostable paper that is embedded with fresh wildflower seeds. After you have enjoyed admiring your card on your mantlepiece, simply plant the card according to instructions and you’ll have gift that lasts (with appropriate water and sunshine) a lifetime. A gift that keeps on giving!

2. Your story told through pictures – For those who don’t know how to put it into words, photo books have come to the rescue. Unlike the average card, photo books continue to carry meaning and remain a popular choice for a loved one’s gift. For Valentine’s Day you could create a small photo book of a recent holiday, Christmas, or one that’s simply full of moments you felt truly in love!

3. The love letter – The one tradition that is truly timeless, a handwritten letter. Love letters let you say exactly how you feel, without the pressure of being in the moment. You can take all of the little sweet things you think but don’t say and put them in one romantic piece of literature that your partner will keep forever. Keep that in mind when choosing your paper, write your drafts on regular lined paper, but make sure you pick something beautiful for your final product!

4. A meaningful map – Many people appreciate having personalised large prints to hang in their home. Often these prints feature their wedding venue, their first home or a map of their hometown. One of the most romantic options is a star map of what the stars looked like on a specific date, time and place. You could order a star map of the first night you kissed, the night you said I love you, the night of your engagement or the birth of your child. It’s not something your partner will expect, but it’s something we’re sure they’ll appreciate.

5. A personalised book – Have you already gifted a photo book? Is your home already covered in prints, pictures and posters? Luckily, you still have the option of creating a personalised book. Some options only let you personalise very specific aspects of your story, such as the name and interests of the main character. Others, like the ‘Why I Love You and ‘Our Love Story’ books, have been created for Valentine’s Day gifting purposes. They make it easy for you to create a book tailor made to your relationship and story.

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