Our Top 10 JICMAIL Insights at Dragonfly

By Isla Munro

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If your company uses mail in your marketing mix and you do not utilise JICMAIL as a tool, you are really missing a trick! JICMAIL provides the same metrics for mail that are available for other channels and are used by planners regularly to help plan media campaigns. JICMAIL is such a valuable platform for us at Dragonfly and we make good use of it pretty much every day to plan, analyse and offer insights to our customers.

There are lots of brilliant facts and stats as well that we can take from JICMAIL data and we wanted to share our current Top 10 stats:

  1. Average lifespan of a piece of charity addressed mail is in the household for 6.83 days
  2. With an average reach of 1.1%, you can reach 10% more individuals using addressed mail without any additional investment
  3. The top three performing pieces of content which drive recipients to but something or make a donation are 1. Tickets (21%) 2. Request for donation (16%) 3.Postal reply (16%)
  4. The open rate for Q2 2020 increased significantly compared to same time in 2019, soaring by 11% from 69% to 80%
  5. When compared with other media channels, mail is delivering a greater volume than advertisers pay for, as it is shared in the household and interacted with frequently
  6. Door Drops containing vouchers and coupons and information about local services were key content drivers of lifespan growth, with the former staying in the home for a week on average, and the latter for nearly 9 days.
  7. As the nation’s vaccination program continues to pick up pace, Direct Mail containing appointment related information has seen 40% growth in lifespan year on year, staying in the home for 10 days on average.
  8. 7% of all Ad Mail and Business Mail prompted a purchase in Q4 2020, representing 19% growth year on year.
  9. JICMAIL's Q3 2020 data revealed that 7% of all advertising mail (including Direct Mail, Door Drops and Business Mail) drove traffic to advertiser websites in Q3 2020: up from 6.5% a year ago and representing a 33% increase year on year.



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Isla is an experienced Managing Director, marketeer and leader. Driven by creative data led solutions, she takes pride in providing the best direct marketing campaigns and strategies. As Dragonfly’s Managing Director, her goals include delivering growth not just for her clients, but her team too. Isla sits on the Royal Mail Strategic Mailing Partnership board and the DMA Scotland committee and has spoken at many industry events on topics including GDPR and direct marketing.

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