How to make a great welcome pack

By Cara Lawson

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What is a welcome pack?

A welcome pack is a package filled with items aimed to surprise, delight and welcome someone into something. For example, if you join a new loyalty programme, insurance plan or start donating to a charity, you’ll likely be sent a welcome pack in the mail.

What should always be in a welcome pack

Getting a welcome pack is sort of like your introduction into a club. Therefore, it should always have a welcome letter. It should also include staple communications. For example, if a company send a regular newsletter, their most recent newsletter should be included. A good welcome pack will include an incentive or upsell of some sort. For charities, this is often an appeal to give more, to support specific campaigns or to give regularly (if you’ve donated as a one-off donation).

What should be written in a welcome letter?

The letter should include who the pack is from, why the recipient is receiving it, what kind of communications they can expect in the future and a thank you for joining.

What is the most important part of the welcome pack?

The message. If your welcome pack looks great and has a ton of interesting bits to it, that’s fantastic – but you need to make sure your message translates across. The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home are a great example of keeping a consistent message. Each piece of their welcome pack related to being a ‘companion’ (being a regular donor). From the canvas tote bag, to the companion card which gives 15% off in store, to the Taily Mail newsletter, all their pieces were on brand and made the recipient feel a part of their goal to shelter and rehome pets.

And, don’t forget to surprise and delight!

Depending on what kind of company is sending the welcome pack, different pieces will be included that are relevant to that company and their industry. Charities that work in wildlife preservation might send a pack of seeds. The WWF sends a toy of the animal you’ve chosen to sponsor. Retailers with a loyalty programme might include an information pack about the various tiers the programme has, and incentives to join the higher tiers, or an incentive to shop now such as free shipping. The more creative a company gets, the better. It’s the extra thought that goes the extra mile and keeps you in the memory of your customer/keeps them loyal/makes you worth mentioning.

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