How Dragonfly work with the hospitality industry

By Sally Maciver

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The Dragonfly Agency works with a wide variety of hospitality industry companies on campaigns that aim to build brand awareness and meet their sales goals. From Edinburgh based favourites such as Montpeliers and The Huxley, to beautiful destination accommodations such as the Glenmore Lodge nestled in the Scottish Highlands, or the magical small ship cruises The Majestic Line, Dragonfly works with stunning venues of all shapes and sizes.

Luxury accommodation

The direct marketing needs of hospitality providers are as varied as the industry itself. Generally, luxury accommodation companies are looking to create collateral that showcase how fabulous their residence is. Most often we’re tasked with creating promotional content for them to use for brand awareness. On some occasions we’ll work on a specific promotional campaign. For example, Dragonfly is currently working on a brochure to advertise wedding packages at Melville Castle that highlight what a beautiful wedding venue it is. As Christmas approaches, we’ll be working with restaurants on promotional mail for their Christmas events and offers.

Food & drink

Restaurants often have promotional campaigns to run, particularly if they’re changing their menu, opening a new location or hosting a special event. The Dragonfly Agency make sure that the design is engaging, the print and production are of a high quality, the data is targeted and up to date and the mailing is delivered on time. However, different companies may come to us with their envelopes already printed, their data already cleaned and targeted, and their strategy ready to go. These are cases where Dragonfly is brought in to help pull it together. Depending on what the goals are, and where the company is at, we’ll work with them to create catered direct mail strategies, and then handle as much of the campaign as they would like.

Special projects

One of our previous clients, Beer 52, is not your average hospitality company. They’re the UK’s number one craft beer club and they deliver small batch brews directly to their subscriber’s doors. Their business model relies on the power of post, so they really understand it. While Beer 52’s subscription model is working a treat, they enlisted the help of Dragonfly for their Christmas card. We implemented an eye-catching Christmas card with a special offer inside and delivered them to Beer 52 subscribers. They needed a card that would stand out from the crowd during the busy Christmas season, and our team delivered! Responses showed that 78% activated the call to action inside the card. This is just one example of the many special hospitality projects that Dragonfly works on day to day.

Whether you need help with design, print and production or mailing itself, you’re always welcome to get in touch and see what we can do. Direct mail is an essential part of any well-developed marketing strategy in the hospitality industry, and we’re happy to help you build a strategy that works. We will target the right people in the right places at the right time, and make sure your message is heard.

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About the author

Sally is a Senior Account Manager and has been with The Dragonfly Agency for 5 years now. Sally brings a fun loving attitude to all aspects of the job, and perfectly bridges the gap between the client and supplier ensuring a smooth running campaign. Sally has a great understanding of the marketing mix, and really enjoys working with clients to ensure every campaign is planned in the best way.