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By Clare Manson

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Celebrating World Post Day!

Today is World Post Day, a day to mark the anniversary of the creation of the Universal Postal Union. The UPU began in Switzerland in 1874 and marked the beginning of postal communications around the world. The Dragonfly Agency lives, breathes and celebrates post every day when we come to work. In honour of World Post Day, we’ve widdled down our favourite things about post to the five things we love most:

1. How universal post is – Since the beginning of the UPU mail has been sent and received around the world. It’s more popular and trusted in some areas, but it’s understood and used by everyone. No matter where you are, you can always find a way to send some mail.

2. Its low environmental impact – There’s a popular belief that paper kills trees and destroys our planet, but we know better. Paper is one of few truly sustainable products. Most of the energy used in paper’s production is renewable, so it's carbon intensity is low. We all know paper is recyclable, so naturally it’s one of the most recycled products in the world! This is why we're such big supporters of Two Sides, an organisation dedicated to promoting the sustainability of the print industry.

3. How creative you can be with it – There are infinite ways to create, design and send mail! This is one of our favourite things about what we do. Finding new and innovative ways to create mail that stands out and lands well with its audience is a challenge we love to tackle.

4. How it’s grown to become a special delivery – We know that digital technology has changed the landscape of how we communicate with one another. While many thought it would be the death of mail, it ended up being the opposite! In a digital world, mail stands out. Receiving something by post creates a special moment.

5. The way it brings us together - Mail still packs a punch when it comes to communication and community. It plays an important role when it comes to sectors like charities, luxury retail and hospitality because of how it creates a feeling of being a part of something. From sending a simple postcard while travelling, to sending a care package, to getting an exciting piece of mail yourself, mail always has this sense of excitement to it. We know that mail has been on a journey to get to us. Creating that journey is what Dragonfly do.

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Clare is Dragonfly’s Finance Director. As a Chartered Accountant with many years of auditing and forensic accounting experience, Clare manages the agency’s finance function with great enthusiasm, passion and attention to detail. Her skills in implementing and developing financial processes and controls are remarkable, especially through her in depth tax and VAT knowledge which has helped many clients save money on their campaigns. Clare is always looking for new ways to help clients with their finance journey and loves nothing more than finding a solution to a tricky challenge.