Myths and facts of direct mail

By Isla Munro

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Direct mail is great - it can accurately target specific audiences and achieve fantastic results. But there are some myths out there that can make marketeers question this type of marketing.

Here are 5 common myths from the world of direct mail and the facts you need to know.

1. Myth: Direct mail is an outdated marketing platform.

Fact: Direct mail continues to be a revenue generating marketing platform. Royal Mail found that 63% of people surveyed found it easier to browse lots of products by using a printed catalogue rather than online or in-store. More than half (52%) said they bought more than they originally intended to when shopping with a printed catalogue.


2. Myth: Direct mail is only suitable for older people.

Fact: Direct mail is popular with younger people. They don't receive much, so it stands out. A study by MarketReach found that 32% of young people are more likely to trust information in print than on the internet. And, compared with the sample average, young people are 18% more likely to ‘welcome mail and find it memorable’.


3. Myth: Direct mail doesn’t fit in to a digital world

Fact: Programmatic mail allows businesses to integrate their online and offline communications. It’s one of many ways you can use mail as a part of an omnichannel marketing strategy to maximise results.


4. Myth: Paper isn’t sustainable

Fact: Paper is made from wood, one of the few truly renewable and sustainable resources. In order to recycle paper, recycled fibers need to be mixed with new fibers. The new fibres keep the recycled fibers from degrading and ensures the renewable cycle of paper production continues.


5. Myth: Direct mail isn't memorable

Fact: Neuroscientists found that mail evokes a brain response that's 33% stronger than email, and 35% stronger than social media. Mail activates the areas of the brain responsible for long-term memory encoding 49% more than email and 35% more than social ads. Engagement with an ad is triggered by something of personal relevance, and mail has the ability to cross the personal boundary and generate meaningful interest from your target.



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Isla is an experienced Managing Director, marketeer and leader. Driven by creative data led solutions, she takes pride in providing the best direct marketing campaigns and strategies. As Dragonfly’s Managing Director, her goals include delivering growth not just for her clients, but her team too. Isla sits on the Royal Mail Strategic Mailing Partnership board and the DMA Scotland committee and has spoken at many industry events on topics including GDPR and direct marketing.