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Name: Sally Maciver

Job Title: Account Executive

First job in the industry: This position at Dragonfly, account executive, is my first job in the industry. I started here in August 2017. After studying Marketing Management at University, I then worked in a property agent for 2 and a half years before coming to Dragonfly. I’m so happy to be working in marketing, and every day is something new.

Area of expertise: Cost savings! It’s important to ensure that all our clients are getting the most cost-effective and efficient campaigns and print solutions, so it’s always an important factor when speaking to our suppliers that we’re offering the best solutions.

What do you love most about print media? The print journey is super exciting; this could be anything from helping design the first artwork version for a client, looking into a new concept completely, a full rebrand to finding the best print materials with various samples but all of these stages are important in the finished product. It’s lots of fun seeing this all come together and to be involved in this process.

What’s the most satisfying part of your job? We’re lucky enough to have a variety of excellent suppliers who offer extremely luxurious and high-quality stocks. This is something I’ve gained experience with through working with Laings and Hamilton & Inches over the years. I love working with the client to ensure our end result reflects their brand’s aim, and really enjoy seeing the finished product.

What inspires you when it comes to direct mail? I think the fact that you can be so creative with what you’re printing, every single mail piece can be as different as you wish. It keeps things really exciting for us at Dragonfly too, and no idea is too silly or outrageous. Everything has to start from something.

What is the best thing about direct mail? Direct mail is such a fast-paced environment, with such amazing advancements in technology – absolutely nothing is out of the question.

Is there anything about print that you think people would be surprised to know? You can add a personalised stamp (indicia) to your mail packs. It’s a fun addition to a mail piece, and allows your packs to stand out from competitors. 

Favourite ad/marketing campaign? John Lewis adverts are always amazing (especially Christmas adverts) but my favourite has to be the Christmas advert 2015, Man on the Moon. Christmas is always such a special time of year, but this advert showed us that not everyone is as lucky to have lots of family around them, and it can be quite a lonely time for some. It’s really stuck with me (I struggle watching it without a tissue).


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About the author

Sally is a Senior Account Manager and has been with The Dragonfly Agency for 5 years now. Sally brings a fun loving attitude to all aspects of the job, and perfectly bridges the gap between the client and supplier ensuring a smooth running campaign. Sally has a great understanding of the marketing mix, and really enjoys working with clients to ensure every campaign is planned in the best way.