5 minutes with…Chris Kiddy

Name: Chris Kiddy

Job Title: Business Development Manager

First job in the industry: My first job was as a Commercial Apprentice with Howitt Ltd. I started off as a bright eyed, excited teenager with big ambitions. I quickly learned the importance of listening to others and a passion for all things print soon became a part of my DNA. I’ve now been in the industry 12 years having done stints in estimating, account management, sales and even reception at one point.

Area of expertise: Direct Mail and Product Innovation. I love being hands on with every project and joining clients on the journey throughout. For me, it’s not just about learning each day, but sharing that passion to push boundaries with the team and with customers so it’s clear to see how passionate we are about what we do.

What do you love most about print media? Working with clients from initial concept, identifying opportunities for innovation and improving ROI through data analysis and profiling. This might really sound nerdy, but it makes me tick! Watching all these elements come together paired with innovative paper mechanics, a powerful message and a quality output really is why I do what I do.   

What inspires you when it comes to direct mail? Endless possibilities! There are so many ways brands can communicate with their prospect or their existing customers using print. Utilising special grades of paper, incredible methods of finishing like foil blocking and soft touch laminates, full digital products to really personalise each message. There isn’t any one thing that inspires me when it comes to print, it’s an incredible tool when used right and I love everything about it!

What is the best thing about direct mail?  Direct mail really is a standout channel in our marketplace, yet there’s still huge potential for it to play a bigger part in the mix. In a digitally led world, print and direct mail can cut through the noise and evoke some incredible emotions that an email or banner ad simply cannot. It’s personal, can be incredibly versatile and most important of all, it’s actually something physical you can touch. No other channel can deliver that!

Is there anything about print that you think people would be surprised to know? Print is far more sustainable than people think. So many times I have heard the words “printing is wasteful and is bad for the environment”. This couldn’t be further from the truth and is actually quite the opposite and I’d love to share the actuals with anyone curious to know more…

Favourite ad/marketing campaign? This is an easy one for me, and probably one most people would put in their top 3. It has to be the John Lewis advert each Christmas. It’s become a staple in the annual calendar and something we as a nation look forward to each year. Whilst the story may change each year, one thing that can be certain is that it will be warm, meaningful and truly gets us in the Christmas spirit

If you would like to discuss your next direct mail or print campaign with Chris, please contact him here: chris@thedragonflyagency.co.uk